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Uniquely Experienced and Qualified

Global Consulting and Mechanical Services has experience with every aspect of power plant operations and maintenance

  • Coal, gas and industrial plant operation and maintenance
  • 3rd party plant operations
  • Transitioning facilities to new operators
  • Turning around troubled assets
  • Negotiating and managing international contracts

Resulting in our unique approach:

  • Partnership mentality
  • Open book contracting approach to drive transparency
  • Added value propositions

The Services and Experience You Need

Services and Experience You Need

OEM Trained Personnel

OEMEngine Type
AlstomGT8, GT11D, GT11N, GT13, GT24 and GT26
VAX Steam Turbines
ABB controls
Commissioning capabilities
General ElectricLMS-100, LM-1600, LM-2500, LM-5000, LM-6000, and Frames 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Pratt & WhitneyGG3, GG4/FT4, GG8/FT8, PT4 and PT8 Power Turbines
Rolls RoyceAvon, RB211, Olympus, 501k, 570/571 and Rolls Royce Power Turbines
Siemens/Westinghouse 501AA, B, F, G