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Our Company

About Us

GCMS is a focused supplier of high-value consulting, engineering, parts procurement, construction, staffing and project management services to the world’s natural resources, fossil, clean energy, water and environmental sectors. GCMS designs, delivers, and maintains strategic and complex assets for its clients. GCMS was founded on the principals of trust, family, and transparency. With a strict adherence to our core values success is assured.

Our Foundation

At GCMS, we feel that our foundation is the key to success and the guiding force behind our company. Below are the pillars that constitute the foundation of GCMS.


We strive at all times to maintain a collaborative work environment that nurtures open communication, learning, and the sharing of best practices and ideas. We demand close cooperation in all business ventures and strive to be the business partner possible.


Honesty and integrity are key ingredients in developing trust. Trust is a key element in establishing credibility and our credibility is the heart of our corporate mission statement.


Response time is critical within our business and we at GCMS deliver. We guarantee the highest level of responsiveness to our customers, partners, and teammates that meets and exceeds expectations. Our goal is to deliver on time, every time.


Within the consulting world there is a great difference between honesty and transparency. Transparency is one of hardest values to adhere too in business. Large corporations struggle with transparency to their customers and employees. At GCMS we have truly embraced the concept of transparency and believe being open and honest with your staff, customers, and prospective customers gives us an industry advantage.


We care for people, communities, customers, and conduct all dealings in a manner that reflects fairness, equality, and diversity. We act in a professional, courteous manner and show respect for all individuals at all times.


GCMS History


  • Company founded – privately held


  • 3rd party Gas & Steam Turbine Service Company

2013 – Current

  • BOP and Specialty Projects
  • EPC Contracts
  • MMC & O&M Contracts
  • Turn-Key Outages
  • OE & Owners Rep
  • Specialty/Critical Parts Procurement
  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance