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Recent Projects

Below is a table highlighting some of our most recent projects.

Centerline Installation and CommissioningCorporate Office Global Consulting and Mechanical ServicesExhaust Duct Liner Repair
Performed the centerline installation, start up and commissioning of 2 Pratt & Whitney FT8 gas turbines.256 Farm Market 250 South
Hughes Springs, TX 75656
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F: Fax (903) 639-1224
Performed warrenty repair work on the exhaust system of 1 G.E. 7FA gas turbine.
Expansion Joint ReplacementFlex Seal and Exhaust System RepairsGas Turbine Control System Upgrade
Replaced 1 expansion joint belt on a G.E. 7FA in combined cycle.Removed old and installed 2 new flex seals as well as performed many exhaust system upgrades/repairs on 2 G.E. 7FA gas turbines.Performed a complete GT control system upgrade on an Alstom GT 11. This included start up and commissioning.
Gas Turbine Major Overhaul "C" InspectionGas Turbine Major Overhaul "C" InspectionGas Turbine Major Overhaul "C" Inspection
Acted as Owners Rep/Project Manager for "AGP Upgrades" on 3 G.E. 7FA gas turbines.Performed major "C" overhauls on 2 Alstom 11NM gas turbines. This included generator work as well as commissioning.Performed a major "C" overhaul on 1 Alstom 13DM gas turbine. This included generator work as well as commissioning.
Gas Turbine Minor Overhaul "A" InspectionHot Gas Casing RepairsOwners Engineer
Performed a minor "A" inspection on 1 Alstom 11N1 gas turbine and generator. This included generator work as well as commissioning.Performed major repair work on 1 Alstom 11N hot gas case.Acted as the OE for the disassembly, root cause analysis and engineering analysis on a Solar gas compressor.

DateProject DescriptionComponentLocation
April 2015Plant Start-Up & CommissioningGE 7FA Combined CycleSouth America
GCMS supported the customer acting as Project Management/Owner oversight on 1x Frame 7FA Combined Cycle start up and commissioning. Although a new unit the client requested that GCMS act on their behalf managing this critical evolution.
April 2015Major Overhaul & AGP UpgradesGE 7FA & D-11Mexico
GCMS recently completed a successful project in Mexico where we filled the role as outage project manager. The scope of work consisted of managing several major overhauls of the latest AGP upgrade on 2 General Electric frame 7FA gas turbines, major inspections on 2 General Electric type 337 generators, 1 General Electric type 324 generator, and the major overhaul of 1 General Electric D-11 steam turbine.
April 2015 u201cBu201d Inspection & Water Injection Installation Alstom GT13DMIraq
GCMS provided the customer with a complete u201cBu201d inspection on an Alstom GT13DM as well as installed and commissioned a water injection system. The project was completed on schedule with no safety accidents nor reworked items.
March 2015Major/u201dCu201d Inspection Alstom GT11N2United States
GCMS successfully completed a project in the Midwest as the owner representative of a major overhaul of an Alstom 11N2 gas turbine. An owner's representative is an extension of the owner and solely represents the owner's interest. This differs from general contractors or an OEM whose fiduciary responsibility is to their employer solely.
January 2015Plant Start-Up and Re-CommissioningPratt and Whitney FT8 Iraq
GCMS provided the customer with a full plant start-up and commissioning of 2 P&W FT8 units. Both plants were commissioned on time and under budget.
December 2014 VGV Removal & Emissions TuningAlstom GT11N1 United States
GCMS removed and reinstalled a problematic VGV on an Alstom GT11N1 and then provided the customer with emission tuning.
March 2014 Gas Turbine Exhaust System GE 7BUnited States
GCMS acted as Project Manager providing field supervision and technical direction on the deconstruction and installation of 4 - GE 7B exhaust systems. The nine month project was completed on time with no safety violations.

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